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ITS 31st European Regional Conference 2022

Gothenburg airport

Getting from the Gothenburg Landvetter (GOT) airport

Uber, taxi and airport buses are accessible right outside the airport. The following is advice regarding how to travel from the airport into town.

The airport bus departs frequently and stops for instance close to Park Avenue Elite Hotel (closest airport bus-stop is Berzeligatan). For more information, see and for detailed information, see The price is about 120SEK for an adult, one-way.

The taxi service is deregulated and there are many taxi companies to pick from. The largest ones are Taxi Kurir and Taxi Göteborg. Ask for a fixed price before agreeing to depart and it should not cost more than 650SEK to go downtown. Please observe the following advice from the airport website on taxi rides as follows: “Always ask if the taxi company applies fixed prices. If you have received a fixed price, it should be entered and visible in the taxi meter before your journey starts. The taxi meter must be activated throughout your journey.”

For general advice on the Gothenburg Landvetter (GOT) airport, see