ITS Biennial
Conference 2021

21st – 23rd June 2021, Gothenburg, Sweden


23rd Biennial Conference

Digital societies and industrial transformations:
Policies, markets, and technologies in a post-Covid world

Over the course of 2020, we have all been affected by Covid. As governments have imposed a series of measures to slow the spread of the virus, many activities have gone online. Not only has working from home and studying online become commonplace, but many individuals have also taken to buying more of their groceries etc electronically. And, of course, we have communicated with friends and family through video conferencing platforms like Zoom.

As we continue to digest the socio-economic impact of Covid, we are also witnessing the start of far-reaching technologically driven change. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are beginning to have a significant and widespread impact, from improving healthcare provision and diagnosis to enhancing the liveability of urban areas through smart city initiatives. And the Internet of Things (IoT) is spreading across the economy, collecting ever larger amounts of data that is being analysed to improve sectors as diverse as logistics, retail and manufacturing. This data will provide the basis for entrepreneurial innovative activity, creating new business models and industries and improving existing products and services.

The International Telecommunications Society (ITS)

About ITS

The International Telecommunications Society (ITS) is an association of professionals in the information, communications and technology sectors. ITS is an independent, non-aligned and not-for-profit organisation with a worldwide network of about 400 members. ITS provides a forum where academic, private sector, and government communities can meet to identify pressing new problems and issues, share research results, and form new relationships and approaches to address outstanding issues.

Call for Papers

ITS Europe Conference

21st – 23rd June 2021, Gothenburg, Sweden


Call for Papers

Local Organizer

Professor Erik Bohlin
Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden
erik.bohlin (at)

ITS Europe

Prof. Jason WHALLEY
Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK
jason.whalley (at)

Dr. Volker STOCKER
TU Berlin and Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society, Berlin, Germany
vstocker (at)