TUESDAY 21st JUNE 2022 | Parallel sessions 6
13.30 – 15.00


Jun 21 2022


1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Digital divide

Competition 1

Mobile 1

European Union


Setthasuravich, Sirikhan & Kato
Spatial econometric analysis of the digital divide in Thailand at the sub-district level: patterns and determinants

Vargas-Montoya, Robalion & Madrigal
Digital divide in Costa Rica over the last decade: How does it change and what drives it?

Griffin, Lyons, McCoy & Mohan
Early digital exposure and later digital skills: evidence from home and school environments in Ireland

Tang & Howell
Spectrum policy on broadband market to reduce digital divide and promote competition

Ida, Kawaguchi, Kuroda & Sato
Multi-product quality competition and bundling: The case of telecommunication industry

Yang, Vialle & Whalley
Is disruption the second time around harder to do? The entry of Iliad into the Italian telecommunications market

Financial and regulatory assessment of mobile network sharing as a trigger of cost efficient 5G rollout in CEE

Infrastructure sharing and co-investment in the telecommunication Industry

Mangled magic-numbers: 4 to 3 wireless mergers in the US, EU, and Canada

Arcos & Feijóo
An analysis of the content-neutrality approach in European audiovisual market regulation

de Rojas, Pita & Martínez
Understanding Spain and Europe in the global digital sector