TUESDAY 21st JUNE 2022 | Parallel sessions 7
15.30 – 17.30


Jun 21 2022


3:30 pm - 5:30 pm


Competition 2


Platforms 2


Analysis of use of shared data for smart parking services in Sweden

Potentials and challenges of the connected autonomous shared electric vehicle (CASE) from urban geography perspective in southeast Asia mega-urban regions

Yan, Hu & Liu
Privacy fatigue of smart speaker users in China: Exploring the affecting factors and privacy coping behaviors

Gerli, Navio-Marco & Whalley
The governance of smart villages: exploring alternative models and their relationship with smart cities

Smart contracts: Myths and implications for economics and financial regulation

Physical Internet infrastructure and competition in digital markets

Prado & Bauer
Safeguarding competition in digital markets: A comparative analysis of emerging policy and regulatory regimes

Jamison, Ajit & Tecza
Effects of conferring business resource on rivals

Entry deterrence and predatory pricing in wholesale markets: The Cassiopea antitrust case

Castells & Bahia
Investments and mobile network performance in Europe: does market structure matter in the 5G era?

Gisca, Matinmikko-Blue, Ahokangas,Yrjölä & Gordon
Legitimacy of emerging business models for local 5G networks: a regulatory challenge 

Internet of Things and the challenges for cross-border network slicing in 5G-based smart networks

The cooperation and development from the telecommunications and communications industries converging with 5G service in the Taiwan market

We’ve been here before – New and old in anti-trust regulation for global web platforms and future regulatory policy

Dippon & Hoelle
The economic costs of structural separation, line of business restrictions, and common carrier regulation of online platforms and marketplaces

Solid: Enabler of decentralized, digital platforms ecosystems

Jamison & Ajit
Effects of mobile platform choice on firm success

Gamarra & Friedl – Ownership concentration and average total costs of standard-essential patent families

Li – R&D subsidies and technological progress in the Chinese ICT manufacturing industry

Wright, Nagle & Greenstein
Open source software and global entrepreneurship: A virtuous cycle

Shigeno, Matsuzaki, Taher & Tsuji
Relationship between innovation and corporate performance in Japanese SMEs by two-stage panel data analysis: Focusing on the joint effect of ICT and R&D