TUESDAY 21st JUNE 2022 | Parallel sessions 4
09.00 – 10.30


Jun 21 2022


9:00 am - 10:30 am

Spectrum 1

Internet of Things


Covid 2

Platforms 1

Two decades after the M. Cave’s ‘Review of Radio Spectrum Management’: What has changed and What is still the challenge?
Kim, Kim, Jang & Park
Value of spectrum for mobile communications: Case of Korea

Radio spectrum re-farming: A change of paradigm

Analysis of IoT services, data platforms and re-use of data and solutions in a smart city context

Degrande, Vannieuwenborg, Verbrugge & Colle
Hedging uncertainty in Internet of Things investment project evaluation: A real option approach

Scenarios for the Industry 4.0 ecosystem development

Blockchains with Chinese Characteristics

Dalvi & Gadkari
CCI and regulation of digital platforms and blockchain: Will it take a rule of reason; per se or a schizophrenic approach?

Castañeda & Feijoo
Blockchain within agri-food international value chains. A comparative analysis from public perspective in the case of Spain

Cheng, Mitomo, Kamplean & Seo
E-health literacy and the voluntary adoption of the new normal in COVID-19: the case of Japan

Exposing the digital divide in the time of COVID-19: A comparative study between Moroccan and Slovenian higher education

Garín-Muñoz, Pérez-Amaral & Valarezo-Unda
Evolution of the Internet gender gaps in Spain and effects of the Covid-19 pandemic

Papathanassopoulos & Varoutas
On the competition between Video OTTs platforms vs traditional TV:  A niche case study in Greece

Online platform, partisan media and public discussion regarding Covid-19 selective vaccine hesitancy issues in Thailand: Textual network analysis approach

A conjoint analysis of consumers’ attitudes towards digital platforms: A case study in Japan