MONDAY 20th JUNE 2022 | Parallel sessions 2
13.30 – 15.00


Jun 20 2022


1:30 pm - 3:00 pm


Broadband 2

Big tech

Privacy and data


Markendahl & Beckman
Can local 5G networks using local spectrum be used as platform for digitalization of industrial systems and services?

Jurva, Outila, Matinmikko-Blue & Merisalo
Digital transformation strategies for 5G and beyond based smart transportation systems

Zhang & Zhao
How can 5G improve organizational effectiveness? An empirical study based on 5GtoB application cases in China

Aravantinos, Petre, Katsianis & Varoutas
A hedonic approach to estimate the price evolution of FTTH service: evidence from EU

Eltges, Wiewiorra & Fourberg
Copper to fibre migration: Regulated access fees incentivising migration

Digitalization of agriculture: Where is the GAFAM?

de Barsy & Gautier Acquisitions in the digital economy: Are GAFAM killing the next big thing?

Henten & Windekilde
Demand side economies of scope and Big Tech business models

Fast & Schnurr
Data donations for digital contact-tracing: Short- and long-term effects of monetary incentives

Articles 40-41 GDPR: A new approach to using codes of conduct in EU law

Nam & Kwon
Quantifying different psychological costs of user behavioral info for overcoming the ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ condition

Designing agents in models of online social networks

Lin & Li
Investigating the relationship of disguised socialbots and disinformation threat in Taiwan

Park & Kim
How do people with physical disabilities want to construct virtual identity with avatars?