MONDAY 20th JUNE 2022 | Parallel sessions 3
15.30 – 17.00


Jun 20 2022


3:30 pm - 5:00 pm


Content 1

Platforms and ecosystems

Cloud & security

Panel session

Papai, Nagy & McLean Quality-adjusted price changes on the Hungarian mobile market between 2015-2021

Analyzing the efficiency of mobile operators in six Asian countries by using DEA and impact of M&A on operational efficiency

Savunen, Hammainen & Kilkki
Role of mobile network operators in next generation public safety services

Gideon & Kukura “Everyone had to be part of this:” Social media and uprising participation decisions

Fife & Pereira
Social justice activism in high tech companies: Factors motivating the sustainability of employee protest movements

Fujisawa & Kasuga Differentiation strategy for firms: online ad versus mass media ad

Kraemer, Shekhar & Hofmann Regulating algorithmic learning in digital platform ecosystems through data sharing and data siloing: Consequences for innovation and welfare

The “uberisation” of public service

Grob & Vidal
Towards a more sustainable Internet: the case for rebalancing the digital ecosystem

What should economists know about the cloud? A literature review on digital economics

Lim & Kim
Why would the users of Google’s cloud services intend to switch to alternative services?

Koehler, Dreher & Stocker
IT security in e-government: Outsourcing, collaboration, or do-it-yourself?
Cyber Security and privacy in relation to SMEs

Future of Mobile Regulation and Policy: A Global View

Moderator: Erik Bohlin, Professor, Chalmers University of Technology