15th Phd Seminar

Announcement and Call for Papers

15th PhD Seminar of the International Telecommunications Society
Gothenburg, Sweden
17-18 June, 20209

Meet the Experts!
The International Telecommunications Society (ITS) is an association of academics and other professionals in the information, communications, and technology sectors. Its network of researchers comprises outstanding scholars in the field of telecommunications research that are well known from the literature (see www.itsworld.org).

In order to share the valuable expertise represented by specialised academics and industry experts with younger researchers, the ITS has decided to organise a PhD seminar.

No more than 15 students will be selected from the responses to this call. In accordance with the topics presented by the winning candidates, experts from the ITS network will be chosen to discuss new ideas brought forward by PhD students. The focus will be on the discussion of ideas presented by the participants, and less on the mere presentation of papers. Papers presented at the seminar will be advised about the refereed submission process of Telecommunications Policy, the ITS journal.

Please note that in order to be most effective, the discussion will be based on full (draft) papers. Only in exceptional cases extended abstracts (min. 8 pages) will be accepted for submission.

The seminar will be organised by ITS and Chalmers University of Technology. It will be linked with the 23rd Biennial ITS Conference to be held in Gothenburg from 14th June to 17th June 2020. Access to this conference will be free of charge for the participants of the PhD seminar (see www.itseurope.org ).

Successful participants will receive a certificate from the International Telecommunications Society. The Ph.D. seminar is eligible for 5 ECTS credits, after approval of a revised paper, and successful participation in the seminar.

Participation is free of charge. PhD students whose paper has been selected for presentation will receive a subsidy of 500€ to cover accommodation and travel expenses.
Participants of the PhD seminar can also submit their papers to the main conference and participate in the competition for the best student paper award. Please note that the deadline for abstract submission for the conference is 24th January 2020.

Call for Papers
Papers can be submitted for presentation and discussion related to the following topics

  • Regulation of telecommunication markets
  • Convergence of telecommunication systems and content markets
  • Development of markets for fixed line and mobile communication
  • New Telecommunication Infrastructures
  • Telecommunications and Society
  • Social Media
  • Internet and Platform Economics
  • Sustainability: Green ICT

This list is not exclusive. Other topics in the field of telecommunications are also welcome.
If you are interested in attending the seminar, please send a (non-binding) expression of interest to Erik Bohlin and Brigitte Preissl as soon as possible.
Please send your full paper (or extended abstract) together with a CV to
Erik Bohlin: erik.bohlin@chalmers.se
and to
Brigitte Preissl: b.preissl@online.de
within the deadline given below.

Deadline for the submission of papers: 15 February 2020
Response by: 10 March 2020
Final paper to be submitted by: 15 May 2020
Seminar: 15 May 2020


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